publications & presentations

[full academic cv; updated Feb. 16 2021]


  • Forthcoming, “Cicero and the Early Latin Poets,” Cambridge University Press


  • Forthcoming, “Fragments of ‘anonymous’ Latin verse in Cicero,” in Kayachev (ed.), Poems without poets: approaches to anonymous ancient poetry (Cambridge University Press).
  • 2020, “Archias the Good Immigrant.” Rhetorica, Vol. 38.4, 382-410. [link]
  • 2019, “Staging Roman Slavery in the 2nd century BCE,” Ramus, Vol. 48.2, 174-197. [link]
  • 2018, “Stoicism in the Stars: Cicero’s Aratea in the De Natura Deorum,” Latomus, Vol. 77, 646-670. [link]


  • 2018, book review of H. van der Blom, Oratory and Political Career in the Late Roman Republic (2016); Journal of Roman Studies, Vol. 108, 203-204. [link]

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Organized Conferences


  • 8th January 2021, “Digital Teaching and COVID-19,” for “COVID-19 and the Future of Classics Graduate Study” workshop at the Society for Classical Studies organized by Del Maticic (NYU)
  • 23rd November 2020, invited speaker at Swansea University Seminar (via zoom); “The Fragment and the Future” [audio & text]
  • 24th September 2020, guest speaker at Prof. Ayelet Lushkov (UT Austin) grad seminar (via zoom); 25th September 2020, invited speaker at UT Austin (via zoom); “The Fragment as Form” [audio & slides]
  • 5 March 2020, invited speaker at New York University; “Cicero on poetry.”
  • 30th January 2020, invited speaker at Bates College; “Cicero and the Latin Poets,” [slides & handout]; 31st January 2020, “Teaching Digital Approaches to the Ciceronian Corpus.” [slides & handout]
  • 5th January 2020, “Tom Habinek on ‘generativity’,” for “Personhood and Authorship: Collective Living Commentary on a Project of Thomas Habinek” panel at the Society for Classical Studies organized by James Ker (University of Pennsylvania) and Andrew Feldherr (Princeton); Washington DC [text of presentation]
  • 21 November 2019, invited to speak at Yale’s Women in Ancient Studies Forum
  • 24 October 2019, “Fragments of Latin poetry in Cicero,” for the UTM-Jackman Humanities Institute seminar series at the University of Toronto. [slides & handout]
  • 1 April 2019, “Who is Classics ‘for’?” invited speaker at Groton Prep School [slides]
  • 15 March 2019,Ut est or paululum immutatus: Poetic citation in Cicero’s speeches,” for a workshop on Classical Quotation, organized by Stephanie Frampton at MIT. [live tweets by @sentantiq]
  • 5 January 2019, “Staging Thebes in the 2nd century BCE,” for the organizer-refereed panel: “What’s Roma Got to Do with It? Staging Romanitas in Republican Drama” at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies, San Diego.
  • 24 October 2018, invited speaker at Brandeis University; “Loss and Recovery of Knowledge at Rome.” [slides & handout]
  • 9 August 2018, “The Latin Philologists of the 2nd and 1st centuries BCE,” at the “5000 years of Commentaries” conference at the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, DC.
  • 11 July 2018,Famulitas, uis, egestas: ‘enslavement, violence, need’: staging enslavement in the 2nd century BCE,” Pacific Rim Roman Literature Seminar 32, Sydney, Australia.
  • 15 June 2018, “Auctor in incerto: the ‘Anonymous’ Latin Poetry of the 2nd century BCE” at the “Poems without Poets” conference at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
  • 8 April 2018, “Thebes in Republican Rome” at the annual meeting of the Classical Association, Leicester. 26 January 2018, invited speaker at Columbia University Classics Colloquium series; “Loss and Recovery of Knowledge in the late Republic.”
  • 6 January 2018, moderator for “Ancient MakerSpaces” digital humanities workshop at annual meeting of Society for Classical Studies, Boston.
  • 6 January 2018, “Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Ancient Book,” co-organized roundtable with Stephanie Frampton (MIT), Joseph Howley (Columbia) at annual meeting of Society for Classical Studies, Boston.
  • 13 July 2017,Vetustas pauca non deprauat, multa tollit — Loss and Recovery of Knowledge in the Late Republic,” Pacific Rim Roman Literature Seminar 31, San Diego.
  • 20-21 April 2017, “Ethical Engagement and the Study of Antiquity,” co-organized two day workshop with Jessica Wright (USC) and Matthew Chaldekas (USC); and presented: “Scholarly Engagement and Social Media,” University of Southern California, Los Angeles. [slides]
  • 24 June 2016, “Singing in Cicero: the performative qualities of tragic cantica in the Tusculan Disputations,” “Cicero Across Genres” panel at the Celtic Conference in Classics, University College Dublin, Ireland.
  • 19 March 2016, “Stoicism in the Stars,” The Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS), Williamsburg, VA.