Upcoming events at #AIASCS 2018

This year’s #AIASCS is in Boston, which is amazing for me since I just moved here! I wanted to draw attention to some exciting events that I’m involved in this year. Everyone is welcome at each of these, and hope to see you there!

Classics and Social Justice Open Meeting: 

We’re having a general meeting, which anyone can attend, on Jan. 4th 4-5pm and we have a panel on Jan. 5th 8-10.30am. More information on both here

BU Classics Department Party:

Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Ancient Book: 

Stephanie Frampton (MIT, @saframpton) and Joe Howley (Columbia, @hashtagoras) and I are hosting a roundtable at the SCS on approaches to the ancient book: Jan. 6th 12.15-1.45. This is an iteration and expansion of the work done in their excellent Materia conferences. The short term goal of this is to expand the network of those interested in studying the ancient book in antiquity (with broad definitions of all of those terms), the medium term goal to collect textual and visual resources (on our website, Stephanie has begun a gallery of depictions of the book in ancient media), and with some other long term projects. You can learn more about this event at the website, or its twitter feed @materianetwork (which I have been using to curate references and images to ancient books). 

Ancient MakerSpaces: 

On Saturday 6th there will be a day long workshop on digital tools for Classics. I’m moderating the final panel at 3-4pm, with the exciting panelists: Sarah Bond (U Iowa, @SarahEBond), Casey Dué (U of Houston, Homeric Multitext@caseyduehackney) , Cora Sowa (Minerva Classics), and Donna Zuckerberg (Eidolon, @donnazuck). More information on the workshop here, and a description of the workshop on the SCS blog by Patrick Burns (ISAW, @diyclassics).